New Brand + Website for Red Thread Holistics - Holistic Health, Energy Healer Brand Design

I’ve spent the last 7 years, designing for a myriad of businesses. Everything from roofing contractors to energy workers, from garage storage companies to pilates studios. Through all of these projects, I’ve found a love of designing for clients within the holistic health world, and I’m amazingly fortunate to be married to an incredibly gifted woman who works within this unique miljoe as a Reiki Master.

Red Thread Holistics is the business child of my wife, Jaidyn. She, like I said, is very gifted (like stupid gifted) when it comes to tapping into the energy of others to help them find solace and healing.

To give you a little backstory, Jaidyn has been very sensitive to others and the energy, or vibe, they put off for most of her life. She has been exposed to various forms of energy work, muscle testing, and other natural and holistic means of healing for years and understood the value in it. So, here comes little unsuspecting me in 2009. An Idaho boy, who just got back from a couple of years abroad in Denmark. We met, fell in love, got married, and kept going to college. A couple of years of years went by and I found myself working at Taco Bell to pay the bills while going to school. (Yes, I’ll take a Cheesy Gordita Crunch right now!)

Because of school, work, and life in general I was stressed to the max and exhausted no matter how much sleep I got. Long story short, Jaidyn convinced me to go see her friend, and energy worker and muscle tester. That woman hit the nail on the proverbial head!

I remember meeting her clearly because she took one look at my eyes and just said, “You are really stressed, aren’t you?” She fixed me up real nice, and I’ve been a believer ever since.

You still with me?! good.

Now, to the Red thread logo.

In May of 2016, Jaidyn decided that it was high-time that she take the plunge into doing energy work for others. She became certified in Reiki 2, continued to learn and implement other forms of energy and emotional healing, and was open for business. However, she needed a brand that reached beyond her given name because she knew that this direction in her life was meant for big things. She eventually landed on the name Red Thread, which comes from and ancient Asian belief that we are connected to those we are supposed to meet and help in this life by a thin, invisible red thread tied to our pinky fingers. The symbolism was perfect.

Red Thread Holistics Logo

The symbolism

Now, she was lucky being married to a graphic designer. She had the basic idea of what her logo should be, and I got down to crafting it and making it into a usable logo.

We used a lotus flower, which isn’t uncommon in the holistic world, with each petal dotted and the whole thing blooming out of a red line. The center petal represents the source of healing whatever or whoever that may be to her clients. While each other the other petals and dots represent those she is able to help, all brought together by the red line or red thread at the bottom. There’s a lot of symbolism in there!


Fleshing out the brand

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that a logo is not enough to build a great brand, but it is a jumping off point. You need things like a color palette, iconography, typographical rules and certain fonts you use, etc etc. All of these things and more help to create a consistent and cohesive brand no matter what you’re designing – be it a website, thank you card, or social media images.

To help with this, I always create a brand style board at the very least. It serves as a “masterfile” where I can find all of the logos, official colors and their formulas, and other helpful things that I end up using a lot. Here’s a shot of the style board I created for her.


The Colors


We chose the colors very deliberately. In fact, We actually adjusted them recently to fit her brand just a little better. We chose the bright sage green for it’s positive yet calming vibe. It contrasts nicely with the red and charcoal which are strong and powerful, yet not overwhelming, and mainly used as accents. Positive mindsets and powerful energy are principles that Jaidyn teaches her clients, and we wanted to embody these feelings through the visual aesthetic of her branding.

The Icons


Most great brands have supporting elements like icons that help to tell the story of the company’s product or service without just saying it outright. These icons create a system that followers of the brand grow to recognize and learn to expect certain subjects when they see certain icons attached to bits of content.


For example, the hands represent Reiki because it is an energy healing technique that primarily uses the hands to connect and interact with another person’s energy.

The icon set also looks fantastic on Red Thread’s services pages on her Squarespace website and on her print collateral pieces.


Website & other collateral

Speaking of her website, I used Squarespace for the obvious reasons that she is a small business owner who needs the flexibility of adding and editing content on her own. It also gave me the ability to integrate her Calendly scheduling system that her customers were already using. However, now all she has to do is send people to to set up their own appointment. No more setting up appointments manually!



looking to the future

Red Thread Holistics has big plans for the future and much of it would be made exponentially harder if there wasn’t a solid brand in place. No matter what marketing needs arise, the Red Thread brand will meet them.

I can’t wait to get started on your brand. The time is right. You are ready.

Take a look at my brand packages and web design packages to find one that is right for you.