New Brand for Acclima

Last year, around this time, my former boss reached out to me about helping rebrand this company where he was a member of their board as the marketing advisor. The company is called Acclima based out of the Boise, Idaho area, and they design and manufacture specialized sensors that sit in the ground and measure the water content of the soil. They then relay this information to the farmer, groundskeeper, etc. so that they can utilize this information to better water the plants. By doing this, they can know if they are under watering or over watering their land and therefore conserve their water usage. It's all very technical stuff designed by some very intelligent people with decades of agricultural and electrical engineering experience.

All of that technical experience is great when it comes to designing and building what they do, however, it doesn't help much in the graphic design and branding field. For this project, I focussed on the logo, typography, and color scheme to give them a jumping off point.

The Logo

Old Logo

Old Logo

Here you can see the old logo. It's a simple mark with the word, a leaf, and droplet of water. When I first saw it, I thought they might do something with irrigation. The logo also came off as very dated with all of the bevels on the type and the poorly rendered leaf. In short, it wasn't representing the company or the quality of their products very well at all. If you've read any of my other blog posts, you'll notice a pattern here. Rebrands occur when the current brand is no longer serving the business for any number of reasons. When you get to that point, it's time to invest in a new brand that will improve first impressions, conversions rates, trustworthiness, and more.

For the first round, I designed three different logo options for them to choose from. My personal favorite was the first option, which is what they chose. However, it was clear through some of the feedback that it definitely needed some revisions, and that I hadn't quite grasped their product fully. So, I went back to studying their product, read white papers, dug through their website, and ultimately came up with this.

New Hotness   

New Hotness


I went back to the drawing board and incorporated the water and leaf, but added the universal symbol for radio signals (like wifi), and put it all into a water droplet shape. They wanted to keep the Tahoma font for the wordmark, but I changed the "i' slightly to add a little more personality to it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 1.01.19 PM.png

The colors were chosen to illustrate water without question, but I used the green to be that punch of color need to draw your eye to the end goal – healthier plants and crops. 

Acclima Business Card

And lastly, as a little bonus, I designed a new business card for the employees. Including a little extra is always a nice way to help the client see my vision for the brand more clearly. This projects was very fun to work on and I learned a lot about a business that I otherwise would know nothing about.

Taking that leap into the rebranding process can be scary for business owners, but it's important to keep the end game in mind. Where do you want to put you energy and money: Into an old, outdated brand that poorly represents the business or into a new, highly polished brand that will carry you for years? If you like what you are seeing here, then click the button below and let's get started on your rebrand.