Scandinavian-Idahoan Graphic Designer

That was a mouthful. 

Photo credit |  Florian Prischl

Photo credit | Florian Prischl

Swedish Blood, Swedish Name

My name is Spencer Erickson, and I'm a big fan of paying homage to your roots. Hence, "Son of Erik". I'm a freelance graphic designer based out of Idaho Falls, ID. I love designing for everyone, but especially small businesses because of the fire entrepreneurs have for life.

The name Son of Erik comes from my Swedish ancestry, back before it got all Americanized.

Why don't I live in Portland, California, or Utah you ask? First, I love both sides of my family and being near them, especially for my children's sake. Second, it's Idaho! It's beautiful, inexpensive, and nature is so close you taste it... You know, for the 3 months of the year it isn't snowing.


Hear my story on the East Idaho Entrepreneurs Podcast.

The Crew

The best, brightest, & blondest.

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Spencer Erickson
Owner / Graphic Designer


Daughter #2 / Destroyer of Worlds

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Jaidyn Erickson
Wife / Undying Love & Support


Office Manager


Daughter #1 / Diva


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My life consists of DIY projects, pie making, and random happenings. I know, I know! I need to post more design stuff...